Airbrush Accessories


    Saral Roll-Graphite

Waxless, greaseless transfer paper in all purpose graphite color. May be used on paper, acetate, plastics, ceramics, enamel and fabrics.

  12"x12'   Saral Graphite color transfer paper      sar-7179-1          $13.70

  12"x12'   Saral White     color transfer paper      sar-7179-5          $13.70


    Schwan Stabilo Pencil

All surface pencils ideal for marking and drawing on any smooth surface like plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, enamel, wax paper, cellophane, rubber, leather, film, wood, paper and many more. Can be removed from most surfaces except wood and uncoated paper, with a damp tissue.

  Graphite     all-stabilo pencil          sch-sw8008            $1.45

  Red            all-stabilo pencil          sch-sw8040            $1.45

  Blue           all-stabilo pencil          sch-sw8041            $1.45

  Black         all-stabilo pencil          sch-sw8046            $1.45

  White        all-stabilo  pencil          sch-sw8052            $1.45


Harder & Steenbeck Quick Coupling


Quick coupling fits

H&S or Iwata hoses                        #104403   $ 12.50



Quick coupling fits

  Badger hoses                                 # 104473   $ 16.50



Quick coupling fits

 Paasche hoses                                # 104413   $ 16.50



 Quick coupling with ajustable valve for

 H&S or Iwata hoses                      # 104703  $ 26.00 



 Quick coupling set for Paasche hoses

                                                        # A-191    $16.50     


Harder & Steenbeck Quick Couple nipples

  QC plug in nipple fits

  H & S or Iwata  Airbrush              # 104063   $5.00


   QC plug in nipple fits  Paasche  Airbrush                             # 104323   $5.00


  QC plug in nipple fits Badger  Airbrush                               # 104083   $5.00


  QC plug in nipple fits

 Paasche airbrush                               # A-192    $5.00


  Screw in adapter for Paasche hose

 fits Iwata, H&S, Grex airbrushes    # A-188    $5.00


  Paasche needle valve

                                                         #A-3   $10.00


  Paasche in-line moisture trap 

                                                         #MT  $14.00        



  Mask Master

 conture cutter                                  # 242001  $ 30.00


   Spare blades for Mask Master

 ( 2 pieces )                                 # 242020       $ 9.00



  Paasche 99 NIOSH respirator

                                                    # P-99        $39.00


  Paasche 80 respirator

                                                   # P-80       $27.00


   H&S free standing airbrush holder

                                                   #126953      $23.00


   H&S module manifold

                                                   #110193     $37.00


   Key ring set of  cleaning brushes

 5 size brushes on ring                 # 001000      $ 6.00


   Metal cleaning picks (verious ends)

 1 pick                                        #002000        $ 3.00


  Glass eyedropper

                                                 #003000            $ .75 ea

  5 power lighted magnifier built in slide case

 Batteries included.                   #004000          $ 8.00


   Lighted Magnifying Visor

 magnifies from 1.8X to 4.8X   permanent 2.2X lens

 LEDs use 2 AAA batteries (not included )  #004100   $20.00


  3oz translucent plastic jar with screw-cap

 3-1/8" tall x 1-1/16 dia mouth       #005000    $1.00 ea.


  3oz  plastic jar w/ screw on- nozzle cap

 3-1/8" tall x 1-1/16 dia mouth       #005100    $1.00 ea.


  Empty black plastic box

 Measures 7" x 2-1/2 x 1-3/8           #006000   $6.00 ea


    Houston Art Variegated Metal Leaf

Variegated Leaf is a special process of heating composition gold leaf and applying chemicals to give it a pattern. Mona Lisa Variegated Leaf comes in five colors: red, green, blue, black and dawn. To protect the leaf from darkening you may want to seal it. However, sealing the variegated leaf will change the color, and "dull" the variegation. 5-1/2" x 5-1/2", 6 sheets per pack.

  Red    Varigated Leaf           hou-18207             $6.99

  Green Varigated Leaf           hou-18208             $6.99

  Black  Varigated leaf            hou-18209             $6.99


    Houston Art Metal Leaf

Composition gold leaf is made up of copper and zinc which, when formulated correctly, closely resembles pure gold but is a fraction of the price. Our imitation silver leaf is made of an aluminum alloy. It gives the look of sterling silver, at a much lower cost, and will not tarnish like sterling silver. Copper leaf is 100% copper. It will tarnish, darken or patina if not sealed properly. However, much of the copper leaf techniques try to achieve the tarnish/patina effect. 5-1/2" x 5-1/2", 25 sheets per pack.

  Gold composition metal leaf            hou-10204           $8.69

  Silver   aluminum metal leaf            hou-10206           $8.39

  Copper metal leaf                           hou-10205           $9.59






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