Silentaire Air Compressor


Scorpion W-1


Motor : 1/5 HP AC

Output : 0.88 cfm

Max Pressure : 55 psi

Operating Pressure : 35-55 Psi

Weight : 8 lbs

Dimensions : 10 x 5 x 8.5





Scorpion W-2


Motor : 1/3 HP AC

Output : 1.05 cfm

Max Pressure : 55 psi

Operating Pressure : 35-55 psi

Dimensions : 10 x 4.5 x 7

Weight : 11 lbs





Sparmax Air Compressors




The AC-27 is the most compact and portable of the Sparmax compressors. It is a mere 6" x 6" x 7" and weighs just 6lbs, yet its 1/8 HP motor is capable of putting out 8-9 liters of air per minute at up to 45 psi. It is ideal for smaller airbrushing work such as nail and body art, hobby applications and cake decorating.

The AC-27 includes a pressure regulator, pressure gauge, airbrush holder, a cobra-coil PU airline and adaptors for major airbrush brands.




                                                                   AC-66HX Arism


The Arism is the latest addition to the Sparmax line. This state of the art compressor offers a sleek and modern look combined with world class performance and reliability. Like all Sparmax mini-compressors Arism is a zero-maintenance, oil-less piston unit. It is equipped with a pressure gauge and an auto on/off pressure switch operating at 25/35 psi.

Airflow 13-15 LPM, Weight 5.7 lbs, 7.5” L x 4.7” W x 7.3” H

What else is in the box?

  • Silver Bullet airbrush moisture trap 
  • 3M Braided airline 
  • Airbrush holder 
  • Detachable power cord & plug 
  • Airbrush bleed valve


The TC2000 is quiet, durable and reliable. This high-quality twin cylinder workhorse can handle simultaneous operation of two airbrushes, has built-in cooling ducts, safety valves and an auto shut-off feature that prevents overheating. In combination with the moisture trap a condensation airline helps keep moisture buildup to a minimum.

1/6 HP Motor, Auto on / off 40 psi / 60 psi, Airflow 23-25 LPM, Weight 10.6 lbs

The TC-2000 includes one braided airline, one cobra-coil PU condensation airline, pressure regulator / moisture trap / gauge set, two-way airbrush stand, moisture trap mounting plate and adapters for all major brands of airbrush.






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