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Paasche Extreme Air










European body art

high quality alcohol based airbrush tattoo paints including standard airbrush tattoo colors, black light reactant florescent airbrush tattoo paints, and metallic airbrush tattoo ink.

Endura airbrush body art paints are used across America in top amusement companies such as water parks, theme parks, and family entertainment centers, providing you with an assurance of excellent reliability and durability. EBA airbrush body art paints do not clog your airbrushes and dry instantly upon application on the skin. Endura airbrush temporary tattoo paints and airbrush temporary tattoo inks are made of only safe and FDA approved colors

Body painting is quickly becoming an extremely important part of the entertainment industry. Today, one can see body paints covering models and actors across billboards, at private parties, in movies, theaters, haunted houses and commercials. With such a diverse range of applications the need for different types of body paints is inevitable. EBA offers both water based and alcohol based airbrush body paints offering artists more flexibility and options for different applications. Whether you are looking for a durable airbrush body paint that will last hours under water or makeup that is moisture and crack resistant yet will wash off of a model's body after photo shoot, EBA carries over 40 shades of body paints that will meet your requirements.


Aircorps bodypaint


Model Flex paint

Model Flex Railroad paint





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